100G Direct Attach Cables

DC Supplies provides high quality 100G Direct Attach Cables for network, server, and storage systems. These cables are specifically coded to be 100% compatible with the original manufacturer hardware. Each product is subject to in depth qualification and testing to ensure that it will perform to the demands of rigorous technology environments. All items are manufactured using the highest quality components and covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Cable Profiles

100G DAC Copper Cables

QSFP28 stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28. It is the third generation of the QSFP interconnect systems designed for 25/100G performance per the IEEE 802.3bj specification. These direct attach cables are used to connect switches and routers to the network. QSFP28 modules are hot-pluggable which allows them to be plugged into a QSFP28 port without shutting down the system.


Benefits of Copper DAC

? 100Gbps capable
? Cost effective
? Low maintenance
? Breakout options



? Up to 100 GBd bi-directional data links
? Active and Passive options
? Hot-pluggable footprint

100G AOC Fiber Cables

DC Supplies builds compatible 100G Active Optic Cables in a wide range of lengths to meet your needs. Pushing the limits of technology, these direct attach fiber cables offer fast and efficient data transfer as well as reduced cable bulk. We offer built to order cables in custom lengths to perfectly fit the needs of your rack and aid cable management. Our cables offer a new level of price and performance flexibility and come with a Lifetime Warranty.


Benefits of Fiber AOC

? Provides for longer lengths
? Lower power consumption
? Less space consumed
? Improved bend radius



? Up to 100 GBd bi-directional data links
? Breakout options
? Hot-pluggable footprint

100G Server to Switch Connection

QSFP-100G-CU5M-C 100GBASE-CR4 QSFP Passive Copper Cable Cisco Compatible- 5M