About Renewtech


Who are we?

Ever since our foundation, leading IT network hardware company Renewtech has been helping companies by providing IT solutions.
With our expert technical staff, and over 21 years of experience,
we aim to become the most responsible circular IT reseller. To realize
that ambition, we took the first step: a rehousing into a 4.000 square meters new warehouse in August 2020.

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Circular IT Network Hardware

Our faith in the circular economy is strong. It made us develop our Circular IT Network Hardware solutions and extend IT Lifecycles. By maintaining an extensive stock, our delivery is always swift. To ensure the maximum lifetime value of IT hardware, we added repair services to our solutions package. And that’s how we’re covering the complete circle.

We’d like to think of ourselves as your
Circular IT partner. As we sell and purchase IT hardware, your datacenters can run smoothly, while we maintain a low impact on the environment. Our experienced staff sets up your network equipment securely and ensures that same security when preparing the network equipment for refurbishment or reuse by end-users.

Working with Renewtech means working with a partner who’s expert in

Value Recovery: By extending the lifetime of IT equipment, we lower the ownership costs and help saving investments in IT.

Sustainability: Consistent with the circular economy, we provide an ethical and sustainable solution.

Data Security: Throughout the circular process, we ensure that data is protected at all times.

Compliance: Of course, our secure and standardised processing meets corporate and regulatory compliance needs.

We believe that by powering the circular cloud, we can make the IT business a sustainable one