What is datacenter infrastructure?


The meaning of datacenter infrastructure

A datacenter infrastructure consists of the physical elements that can be found in a datacenter. When IT hardware and support hardware are physically located within the building or it has the physical structure of a datacenter facility, then it can be defined as a datacenter infrastructure.

Different types of datacenters

With the developments over the past few years, we have seen different types of datacenters emerge. There are five main types of datacenters:

1. Egde: the essence of Egde datacenters is that the datacenter is located as close as possible to the end user.

2. Colocation: this is a service where servers and other hardware, storage space and reach are rented from the owner of the datacenter

3. Cloud: this is similar to Colocation, however, in this case an organization rents infrastructure from a third party and gains access to it through the internet

4. Enterprise: unlike the types above, this type of datacenter is fully owned by the company and is used for processing and storing internal data

5. Managed: finally, there is a managed datacenter where a third party service provider implements, manages and monitors the datacenter type. We at Renewtech offer this service for your network, server and storage hardware. 

Renewtech offers global Third Party Maintenance for network, server and storage hardware from several leading OEMS which can be seen in the overview below. Whether it’s your wireless access point, fibre channel switch or network director which has reached the end of its initial warranty, Renewtech provides world-class support and maintenance for these OEMs. 

To provide a better idea of which components are contained in network, server and storage hardware we highlighted them.

What is datacenter infrastructure?

Network infrastructure datacenter components

The network hardware components are essential for the connection and integration of servers, datacenter services, storage and end-user locations. The hardware includes security equipment, firewalls, routers and switches. 

Server infrastructure datacenter components

Server infrastructure refers to rack, blade, and tower servers used to store data and applications. These are the physical components from a datacenter but servers can also be fully virtual environments within a physical machine. 

Storage infrastructure datacenter components

Data is the main engine of the modern datacenter. Storage systems such as network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS) and solid state drive (SSD) are used to store this valuable fundamental data.

At Renewtech, we have several services that can help organisations with their datacenter, which can also be combined with Third Party Maintenance services. In addition, we have a large stock of IT hardware equipment and aim to ship the same day worldwide. Feel free to contact us, together we can look at how we will be able to assist you within your datacenter infrastructure.