Cisco Solutions

Rely on your network equipment, while working towards a better world. Choose an IT network hardware provider that uses circular products and solutions. It’s the solution to minifying the ecological footprint of energy-consuming data centres worldwide.

As Cisco Refresh partner, we use pre-owned and previous generations hardware to make your IT department circular. The Cisco products and solutions we use are therefore sustainable, and cost-efficient. Below, you’ll find more information regarding our Cisco Products and Solutions.

Cisco Products & Tools

Our world benefits from a ‘No Waste’-culture. Especially in IT, products should be reused to move away from today’s linear economy and steer towards a circular equivalent. But we understand that your IT department has neither the workforce nor the time to look for durable solutions. That’s why we, as your circular IT partner, can help you out with durable Cisco products and tools:

Cisco Software

It?s not just the hardware that keeps a circular IT infrastructure working correctly. Software is just as indispensable. We make sure your network is up to date and up to speed with Cisco software. Learn more about the different options: