Kimbrer Computer acquires Renewtech as a part of its journey to become one of the leading companies within Circular IT in Europe

The Danish company Kimbrer Computer, a supplier of used IT equipment, todayvacquired the Dutch circular IT company Renewtech. This acquisition marks the first step for Kimbrer Computer towards the goal of becoming one of the European leaders within the industry of circular IT, says investing partner Trill Impact.

The acquisition of the Dutch company Renewtech immediately strengthens Danish Kimbrer Computer’s efforts to become a one-stop-shop for trade and service in the field of refurbished IT equipment—a sector that generates billions in revenue on a European scale today.

The Danish company is a front runner within trade of server and storage, while the core of the business within the Dutch company lies within networking solutions. With this additional aspect of the business, Kimbrer Computer is now positioned to become a circular IT one-stop-shop within critical IT-infrastructure for end-users while also offering additional services such as maintenance and repair.

”Renewtech and Kimbrer are a perfect match. We are specialists in our respective fields, meaning that in the future, customers only need to shop in one place. This also means that our customers can reduce their cost significantly supported by sustainable IT-investments, says the CEO of Kimbrer Computer, Bjarne Aarup Andersen.

The acquisition of Renewtech also marks the beginning of Kimbrer Computer’s journey to become one of Europe’s leading companies in the circular IT sector—a strategy initiated by the investment fund Trill Impact, which acquired Kimbrer Computer last year with the goal of consolidating the European market for circular IT.

”In Trill Impact´s view, circular IT is inherently impactful by reducing the CO2 footprint on a heavy CO2-generating product group. We believe that this market is attractive as there are strong fundamental growth drivers supported by sustainability and regulatory trends. Renewtech’s business model aligns well with Trill Impact’s focus on sustainable and impactful companies”, explains Nina Hoffmann von Holten, Investment Director at Trill Impact Advisory in Denmark, focusing on Impact Private Equity.

The acquisition of Renewtech builds upon a long-term partnership, providing a solid foundation for a new and stronger Kimbrer.

”We have been working closely together for many years. We know each other, our values, and our ways of working. This also applies to many of our employees. This creates a good basis for the acquisition because we know there is already mutual respect”, says Bjarne Aarup, CEO of Kimbrer.

“Renewtech has been on an incredible journey and I’m pleased that we now with Kimbrer can create an even stronger position in the market as we are combining a lot of knowledge and experience in circular IT”, says Roger van Norden, CEO of Renewtech.

Kimbrer Computer has an ambitious sustainability profile with multiple ISO certifications in areas such as environmental management. Since its inception, the company has adopted a circular business model, where refurbished IT products reduce the carbon footprint by up to 90% compared to new IT products. This business model aligns perfectly with market trends and regulations in sustainability and ESG reporting.


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