MTP Solutions custom built for your needs

DC Supplies custom MTP cables in a variety of configurations including 12 and 24 fiber assemblies, single and multimode, custom lengths, and multiple pin out arrangements. Each cable is assembled and tested for quality and come with a lifetime warranty. The ends are professionally polished and 100% tested for low insertion loss and back reflection. These MTP cables provide easy plug and play modularity with high density MTP adapters in lab environments and data centers.

? US Conec? MTP Connectors for quick connection of fibers?

? Plug and Play

? High density interconnect?

? Removable housing for quick change of pin clamps and?

? easy ferrule cleaning/re-polishing?

? Single-Mode and Multi-Mode color coded housing?s?

? Alignment achieved with high precision guide pins?

? Push/Pull mating for quick installation?

? Test data supplied with each assembly


? Telecommunications Closets?

? Networking Infrastructures?

? Enterprise Computing OEMS

? Broadcast Communications?

? Campus Networking

? Premise Installations?

? Test Equipment?

? High-End Industrial Controls?

? Military?

? Medical?

? Lab Environments?

? High Density Applications?

? Disaster Recovery Data Control?

? Data Centers?

? Roving Vehicles?