Global #1 reseller of data-centre hardware

Not only does Renewtech recertify systems and components, we remanufacture them as well. We then sell on these assets for 20-45% more than our competitors, substantially bolstering your bottom line at the same time as reducing your environmental footprint.


More diverse channels

Our sales channels span a broad spectrum of long-term clients. We make deals directly with large-volume buyers and small, long-tail distribution channels.

Global reach

Our global presence maximises your financial return. We sell our suite of solutions and product form factors directly into markets around the world.

Custom solutions

With our capabilities and channel relationships, we can customise a decommissioning solution for you that helps you make the most of your hardware.


Our world-class engineers, analysts and secondary market experts consider how to extract multiple lifetimes of value from your hardware. The final destination of your assets can include reuse at another of your company’s facilities, remarketing in secondary channels or breakdown for parts or recycling.

  • Re-engineering for resale has already returned over USD 100 millions in value to our clients.
  • Disassembly for parts further optimises your total cost of ownership.
  • Disassembly for recycling is making IT a greener, more sustainable industry.

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