SFP28 Active Optic Cables

25GBase Small Form Factor Pluggable

SFP28 AOC are hot-pluggable cables used for 25 Gb/s data transmission. The term “SFP” stands for Small Form Factor Pluggable, and uses single transmit and single receive within the SFP28 connectors. These cables use fiber-optic wiring and are an ideal energy-efficient option for applications up to 70 meters. SFP28 AOC are ideal for high-speed transmission in datacenters, cloud computing and hyper-scale transmission and comply with RoHS, IEEE and SFP28 MSA standards.

Speeddy / AOC / SFP28 Active Optic Cables

SFP28 AOC Profile



  • Up to 25 Gb/s bi-directional data links
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Up to 70 meters
  • 3 mm fiber cable diameter
  • Less than 1W power consumption
  • 100 Ohm differential impedance
  • Single power supply 3.3V
  • Operating temperature range: 0℃ to 70℃


  • 25GBASE Ethernet
  • Infiniband
  • Fiber Channel


  • SFP28 MSA
  • Infiniband QDR
  • RoHS Compliant

Compatible Manufacturers

Speeddy has been a leading manufacturer of compatible transceivers and cables for over a decade, offering customers affordable alternatives to original products from Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell and HP. With the ability to custom-encode transceivers and direct attach network cables, Speeddy is able to offer compatible alternatives to most lesser-known brands, guaranteeing 100% compatibility.

Standards & Compliance

Never Sourced, never recycled.

All optics components of Speeddy products are manufactured under the same roof, setting the gold standard for reliability and consistency in performance. This vertical manufacturing chain allows Speeddy to avoid unnecessary variations in transceiver housing or laser quality that are common among online vendors who source their components from an ever-changing supplier list. The transceiver is guaranteed to be built from A-Stock never-used components overseen by Speeddy.

Rigorous testing and standards compliance

The quality and standards of our hardware is one of Speeddy’s founding principles. All our components comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) output standards and in many cases excel above these certification standards. Every transceiver we produce is tested on active network equipment to ensure that it complies with OEM equipment and is plug-and-play and requires no work arounds.

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