What is the difference between EOL, EOS and EOSL?


What is the difference between EOL, EOS and EOSL? 

When we talk about the OEM warranty support period, there are several initial terms that come up. They all have specific meanings which can sometimes be confusing. That is why in this blog, we will explain the difference between the terms and why it is important for you to know. 

The revenue model of OEMs is set on selling new equipment. Therefore, they have set dates that affect how the OEM will support and update equipment. What do these different dates mean for your organisation and IT infrastructure? 

End Of Life (EOL) and End of Sale (EOS)

Warranty support begins as soon as the OEM introduces new equipment and is sold into the market. After a number of years, the hardware reaches the End Of Life date which means that the OEM will no longer market, sell or update the equipment. After this date, the OEM continues to offer hardware maintenance, but at a higher price and for a limited period of time. End Of Sale (EOS) is the date from which the OEM will no longer sell the equipment and is often used as EOL. 

End Of Service Life (EOSL) or End Of Support Life

The End Of Support Life date is also used as the End Of Service Life date. From this date, the OEM will stop providing all support for the network, server and storage equipment. They will also stop offering, extending or upgrading hardware maintenance contracts. 

What to do after the EOSL or EOL date?

After the EOSL date, there are several choices you can make. What OEMs want is you to replace the EOL or EOSL hardware and buy new equipment. However, more often than not the EOSL date comes too soon, and your IT infrastructure is not yet ready for replacement, the equipment still performs well or it is an investment too big to replace the hardware.

Don’t want the OEM to be in control of when to replace your hardware? Then a cost-effective and sustainable solution is Third Party Maintenance. At Renewtech, we can continue to offer you experienced and flexible support with the same quality as the manufacturer, after the EOL and EOSL dates under one maintenance contract. You can save up to 70% in costs within your IT infrastructure with this service. We have access to equipment and parts from the following OEMs: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, Sun Oracle, IBM, Extreme Networks, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Brocade and Supermicro.

How do I stay informed about EOSL updates?

These various dates often pass by when OEMs announce them. That is unfortunate since it is important to be prepared for these dates before you are left without support, and it affects the performance of your IT infrastructure. Therefore, we advise you to subscribe to our monthly update of all EOSL dates of different hardware. Be prepared and subscribe to the newsletter here: https://renewtech.com/eosl-library/ 

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