Reduce risk, cost, and complexity when your IT assets reach end-of-life with our comprehensive suite of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions. Protect your company by ensuring compliance with environmental and data security regulations and recover value from your retired assets. Focus your resources – and enhance program value – with a broad range of optional lifecycle support services.

Data Destruction

Ineffective data destruction can lead to confidential data breaches in all kinds of organisations. Data destruction at device end-of-life is essential to the security of your ITAD program. Renewtech is a leading global provider of secure, environmentally, and legally compliant ITAD and lifecycle support services. We offer a range of both offsite and onsite services to customize your ITAD program. Whatever your security strategy on data drive destruction, our skilled technicians provide data sanitations solution and services wherever you need them. 

Shredding your bytes
into bits

If you want to make sure your confidential data is securely destroyed, the Renewtech automatic Shredder is the way to go. Destroying data carriers with the Renewtech automatic shredder causes HHD/SSD’s, tapes, tables, or mobile phones to be crushed into small pieces. The shredder, equipped with industry-leading technology, is a perfect solution for companies and institutions that care for the highest standards related to the protection of confidential data, defined by GDPR. 

The shredding process

The shredding process can be broken down into three steps:

Step 1: Collecting your data

First off, you need to determine what kind of data hardware and how much of it you want to have securely destroyed. If you choose the offsite option, you will send your data hardware to us, and we will destroy it at our location. If you choose the onsite option, our mobile shredding truck travels to your datacenter to do the same.

Step 2: Shredding your data

Rather than simply shred or degauss the hardware, our shredder breaks it down into tiny particles. The barcode of each drive is tracked and scanned, which generates an automatic report. Every piece of data that goes into our shredder is monitored by cameras, so you know for certain that your data has been securely destroyed.

Step 3: Recycling your data

The remaining particles of your old hardware can then be recycled and re-used for new equipment, that way you know that 0% of your data is becoming harmful e-waste. This data destruction service is safe, secure, and sustainable

Shredding benefits

Why choose Renewtech?

Your company’s reputation is important. Ensure you are compliant with data protection and recycling laws and regulations in the countries and jurisdictions in which you operate. Our certifications make ensure that your organization remains compliant with the regulations and laws, wherever you operate. We maintain a broad range of industry-critical certifications for our practices and processes and keep up with changes in legislation to provide our clients peace of mind.

Renewtech’s shredding service is CA+ certified, ensuring that your data is destroyed according to the highest standards. We offer this service on both on- and offsite level, if you do not wish to send your confidential data to us, we will come to your location to shred it onsite. Afterwards, the remaining particles are recycled, making sure there is no e-waste coming from your data. Finally, you receive an official certificate to prove that your data has been 100% securely destroyed.


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