Our approach

Powering the circular cloud


What goes around, comes around. And it makes us do business through an alternative approach. Keeping resources around as long as possible and maximising their value. When their service life does end, we recover, regenerate and resell these products and their materials. That is how we power the circular cloud and economy.

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What is circular economy?


A circular economy is one that allows for raw materials and goods to stay in productive loops as long as possible. These products are made from materials that are reusable from start to end of their lifecycle. Once a product serves its original purpose, its elements are reused in new form factors.

A circular economy is the sustainable answer to our previous, linear economy system. In which products only served a single-use lifetime. The circular economy is the method for making our planet fit for the future, and ready for next generations.

Did you know that ..


Every year, people produce 40 million tons of electronic waste?


70% of our overall toxic waste is e-waste?


We could potentially reduce the CO2 impact with 25% with a circular economy?



Our Low Carbon Footprint

At Renewtech, we believe in the good that a circular economy can do. We don’t compromise on quality when delivering our products with a fully sustainable low carbon footprint. And it is you who benefits from value recovery, sustainability, lifetime warranty and security.

We like to find the best IT solution for you. With an extensive stock, Same Day Delivery and experience since 2001, we are the best circular choice you can make.

Generate less waste and let us buy your unused IT network hardware. Or donate your equipment and make a difference with IT. Let’s make the planet cleaner together.

We provide various services such as security services, configuration and staging services, and on- and offsite services. Take advantage of our sustainable solutions and let us help you saving money and time.