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Experts in circular IT

Renewtech offers a sustainable, safe and efficient solution for reusing network hardware. When IT service life does end, we recover, regenerate and resell these products and their materials. By preparing IT products sustainably and profitably for reuse, we contribute to the maximum lifetime value of IT. It’s our way to power up the circular cloud with all parties involved.

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As proud Cisco and Fortinet resellers, we deliver sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. And since we’ve expanded to the USA and Asia, we support our clients’ requirements anywhere in the world.


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Your options with Renewtech


Buy products: Benefit from the best tailormade IT network solutions, by experts in IT network hardware since 2001.


Sell or donate products: Minimise your IT waste, and let us buy your unused hardware, or donate your equipment. Time to make a difference with IT hardware.


Make use of our IT services: Save money and time by extending your IT lifecycle. Let us support you with our repair, security and configuration & staging services.

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We like to find the best IT solution for you. With an extensive stock, Same Day Delivery and experience since 2001, we are the best circular choice you can make.

Generate less waste and let us buy your unused IT network hardware. Or donate your equipment and make a difference with IT. Let’s make the planet cleaner together.

We provide various services such as security services, configuration and staging services, and on- and offsite services. Take advantage of our sustainable solutions and let us help you saving money and time.